Extrait de Parfum 50 ml 


At once fiercely natural and intricately refined, Issara is a fougère beyond comparison, blending classic freshness with dynamic ingredients that add unprecedented smoothness and character. 
Olfactive Notes 
The Opening, 
brisk, fresh green Pine 
blends joyfully with subtle, 
soft herbal notes 
for a walk in nature! 
At The Heart, 
a rousing Tonka Bean absolute 
along with Clary Sage — 
the pure country-fresh fragrance 
of new-mown hay, 
with rich balsamic notes 
of the forest from Vertiver Bourbon 
and the intimately mellow scent 
of Sylvester Pine Leaf. 
The Base Notes, 
a trio of spontaneous, 
earthy aromas — magical Musk, 
extremely rare, rich natural Ambergris 
and a woody Oakmoss.

Issara | DUSITA


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