FO'AH Perfumes
Eau de Parfum 75 ml


Mémoires d’une Palmeraie 17 tells the story of a Japanese traveler along the Silk Road.

As he reaches the arid landscapes of Arabia lined out by the curved silhouettes of the dunes, he discovers the faint outline of luxuriant nature in the middle of the desert: an oasis.

He rests in its welcoming shade and the delicate fragrance of the cherry blossoms he had taken with him rises up to the sky, entwining with the scent of the palm trees around him.

Mémoires d’une Palmeraie 17 is a reflection of this fleeting moment of happiness. A deliciously floral and fruity fragrance infused by the green freshness of FO’AH’s signature Palm Tree accord. Joyful and playful!

Top Notes

Cherry blossom, Violet

Heart Notes

Palm Tree accord, Lychee, Peach blossom

Base Notes

Pine tree from Siberia

17 | FO'AH


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